Neue Schönhauser Straße 13
10178 Berlin (Ger)

Philipp Ramhofer Founding Partner
Jakob Preischl Founding Partner
Sebastian Cordes Managing Partner cordes@bwgtbld.tv
Julian Holland Executive Producer holland@bwgtbld.tv
Leonard Leis Producer leis@bwgtbld.tv
Greta Müller Producer mueller@bwgtbld.tv
Anton Oelssner Producer oelssner@bwgtbld.tv
Philipp Weinrich Head of Post Production weinrich@bwgtbld.tv
Caroline Imbery Post Producer imbery@bwgtbld.tv
Leonor Alexandrino Head of Development alexandrino@bwgtbld.tv
Raphael Nösner Production Assistant noesner@bwgtbld.tv
Melis Celebi Production Assistant celebi@bwgtbld.tv
Amélie Geiss Production Assistant geiss@bwgtbld.tv
Alina Pawlicz Production Assistant pawlicz@bwgtbld.tv
Charline Lentschig Office Management contact@bwgtbld.tv
Morris Beßer Accountant besser@bwgtbld.tv

BWGTBLD GmbH was founded in 2013 in a kids room in the middle of Germany. Since moving to Berlin in 2015, BWGTBLD GmbH transformed into an award winning production company.

Connected by the relentless attempt to create content that is beautiful and raw, we don’t draw a line between directors, producers and cinematographers. Everyone here shares the same infinite desire to transfer everything that leaves our hands into something beautiful.